Are Kalita and Melitta filters the same?

Kalita and Melitta filters are quite different (but both good!). They are differ and design and fit different coffee making systems.

I learned this the hard way when I accidentally picked up Melitta filters for our Kalita at work early in my coffee journey, they are not.

Kalita filters and Melitta filters are both cone-shaped coffee filters, but they have some key differences. Kalita filters are a type of coffee filter designed for use with pour-over brewing methods. They are cone-shaped, and made from paper or stainless steel. The most common Kalita coffee maker is called The Wave. They are designed to provide a consistent and even extraction of coffee, and are often used in specialty coffee shops and by home enthusiasts. They are named after the Kalita Wave, a specific brand of pour-over dripper that uses these filters.

One of the main differences is the design of the filter. Kalita filters have three small holes at the bottom, while Melitta filters have a single larger hole. This design difference affects the flow rate of the coffee, with Kalita filters allowing for a slower and more controlled pour, resulting in a more consistent and even extraction.

Another difference is the material of the filters. Kalita filters are available in both paper and stainless steel, while Melitta filters are typically paper-based.

Lastly, Melitta filters are considered a more common and widely available option, while Kalita filters are more of a specialty item, often used in specialty coffee shops and by home enthusiasts who are looking for a more controlled and consistent extraction. As such, Kalita filters don’t really fit in standard coffee makers that would use Melttas.

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