Flazh Frozen Instant Coffee

Flash-frozen coffee, also known as “freeze-dried coffee” or “lyophilized coffee”, is a type of instant coffee that is produced by freezing freshly brewed coffee and then rapidly dehydrating it through a process called lyophilization or freeze-drying.


The process of flash-freezing coffee preserves the flavor, aroma, and color of the coffee while removing the water content. The frozen coffee is then placed in a vacuum chamber, where the frozen water is sublimated (transforms from a solid to a gas) and removed, leaving behind a lightweight and stable powder that can be easily reconstituted by adding hot water.


Flash-freezing coffee has a number of benefits over other methods of instant coffee production, such as spray drying. Because it preserves more of the coffee’s natural flavors and aromas, flash-frozen coffee is considered to have a more natural taste and a better aroma than spray-dried coffee. It also has a longer shelf life, and because it removes the water content, it is less prone to spoilage.

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