How to Save Money on Coffee Filters

For the daily coffee drinker, here are a few ideas money on coffee filters:

Use reusable filters: Our recommendation for saving money and sustainability. Invest in a reusable metal or cloth coffee filter, which can be washed and used again instead of disposable paper filters. Depending on the type of paper filters you use, there is often a metal or plastic alternative with a payback period of around one year. Re-usable filters leave only the grounds to compost or send to the landfill.

Purchase in bulk: Buying a larger quantity of filters at once can result in a lower price per filter.

Look for sales: Keep an eye out for sales or discounts on coffee filters at your local grocery or department store. Paper filters rarely have an expiration date so you can buy more when they’re discounted.

Make your own filters: You can make your own filters by cutting the bottom out of a paper cup, or using a folded paper towel or cheesecloth. Ideally, you aren’t using bleached paper. This works very well for cold brew, where cheesecloth or a muslin bag is the ideal brewing medium.

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