The Alessi Pulcina – Midcentury Modern Moka Pot Extraordanaire

I’ve had an Alessi Pulcina Moka Pot for the past three years. The Alessi is both a functional and efficient way to brew coffee, and sleek and stylish from a design perspective. There are many Alessi Moka Pots, but they are generally made with a heavier, quality steel grade. I also have a Pengrui Moka Pot that was half the price, and you can clearly feel the quality difference.

Alessi is an Italian design company founded in 1921 and has a reputation for producing high-quality and innovative home goods. The Pulcina Moka Pot is no exception to this, as it combines the traditional design of a Moka Pot with modern and ergonomic features.

A Moka Pot, also known as a “stovetop espresso maker”, is a coffee brewing device that was invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti. It forces pressurized water through a basket of ground coffee, creating a strong and flavorful brew. The Pulcina Moka Pot has a unique cone-shaped base that allows for optimal heat distribution and faster brewing.

Alessi products are costly, as quality Italian goods go. But this is a stylish in-between if you’re using filters and want to avoid splurging on an espresso machine. Moka Pots have a re-usable metal filter, so only the grounds needs to go into the compost or landfill.

For me, Alessi Pulcina Moka Pot is an amazing combination of form and function. Its beautiful design makes it a great conversation piece, while its brewing capabilities produces excellent Moka Pot coffee. I recommend it to any coffee lover looking for a stylish and efficient way to make coffee at home (or camping!)

Another great and sustainable idea is to buy a vintage Alessi! So many cool ones have been manufactured at a high quality throughout the company’s history.

Here’s my beloved one at work in my home office kitchen!

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