What is an AeroPress and how does it work?

I survived many years, including grad school, with an Aeropress. I think it was the original, since I got it from my parents.

The Aeropress is a manual coffee brewing device that uses air pressure to extract the flavor from the coffee grounds. It is made of two main parts: a cylindrical chamber, and a plunger with a rubber seal.

To use an Aeropress, the user first places a paper or metal filter into the chamber and adds a desired amount of coarsely ground coffee. Then, hot water is poured into the chamber and allowed to steep for a short period of time (usually around 1-2 minutes). Once the steeping time is up, the user pushes the plunger through the chamber, using air pressure to force the brewed liquid through the filter and into a mug or container.

One of the benefits of the Aeropress is that it is a versatile brewingmethod, it can produce a wide range of coffee styles, from a full-bodied espresso-like shot to a clean, light-bodied cup of coffee. Additionally, the Aeropress is a relatively affordable, lightweight and portable device, making it a great option for coffee lovers who travel or who want to take it to the office. It’s even great for camping (though we like a Stanley or Moka Pot we can stick over a fire).

Another benefit is that it’s easy to clean, the device can be disassembled and cleaned with soap and water, or put in the dishwasher. The filters are disposable, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them.

Overall, the Aeropress is a convenient, easy-to-use manual brewing method that can produce a wide range of coffee styles and is great for coffee lovers who want a portable and easy-to-clean option.

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