Why should you use a scale to measure how much coffee you put in a coffee filter?

Want to up your coffee game? Get more precise.

Using a scale to measure the amount of coffee you put in a coffee filter is important because it allows for consistent and accurate measurements. Consistency is key when brewing coffee, as even small variations in the amount of coffee used can greatly affect the taste of the final brew.

Measuring the coffee by volume (e.g. using a tablespoon) can be less accurate, as the density of coffee beans can vary depending on the roast and grind size. This means that a tablespoon of coffee grounds from one bean may weigh more or less than a tablespoon of another bean, affecting the final brew strength.

Additionally, using a scale allows for more precise control over the coffee to water ratio, which is an important factor in determining the strength and taste of the final brew. This is especially important when using a pour over method like the Chemex, where the coffee to water ratio greatly impacts the final brew.

By using a scale, you can ensure that you are using the correct amount of coffee for your desired brew strength, and reproduce it consistently.

I haven’t used many scales, but I can recommend one that works well for me at a very low price point, the Etekcity Food Kitchen scale.


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